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Welcome To Prestige,  This Has Multi Levels of Service and Comfort. Prestige allows you to have better options than just picking a room. We have a Travel Program that will save you money. EDK has Tier levels 1 through 5. Our Tier 5 actually  Gives you a FREE week once a year on your Anniversary.

You can also Just book a Trip to one of our 4 Diamond Resorts. Let us Demonstrate Just a Few of the options we offer. We like to travel to resorts before we send our customers, We will show you Pictures  and Videos of just a few of the places we have been to. How much does it cost, Travel always depends on the season, location, the demand, flight prices and much more. We have many places to offer, But we explore Cancun often. We wanted to learn What excursions are good and which ones were not.

Prestige can offer many thing like candlelight dinner on the beach                             






The Food is prepared by culinary chefs.(click on picture to expand)

The Dinners are Amazing,  If Choose to stay in, room service is included.

On this level we try our best to make the Entertainment,  Make You Say WOW!!!











Most of the resorts include Dancing, Sing, Magic, You never know what we have instore for you.

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