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Dedication And Who We Are

This Business is Dedicated to The Most Important People in my life. My Dad and Mom, Charles and Goldie Kyles.  I'm grateful that they were able see this. I just want to thank them for the guidance and love they instilled in my brothers, sisters and myself.  I thank them for the gifts of creativity and love of respect, the inspiration to never give up, and always treat people like you want to be treated.  If you know me, you know I live by those principles. My parents taught us to count on one another, love everyone (even when it's really hard), walk with your head up, be a leader in life and do your best to leave a footprint so people remember that you did something to contribute in this life.   And most importantly, they taught us to Always, Always, trust in God.



Who We Are 

We Are a small Veteran Owned Business That places our Customers First. We Love What we Do. We Do Escorted Tours With our customers  to Cancun. Offer Low discounted weeks to our customers through our partners Without any timeshare tours. We don't do Cruises, there are many choices out there. we don't  do 1 night hotels or rental cars for a day. We Do a beautiful getaway for you. Need a week in Branson Missouri? How about $500.00 for 7 days, Or Orlando 2 bedroom for 7 days $ 900.00 2 bed 2 bath with full kitchen. These are examples of what we do. Our focus is on making sure you have a great vacation. Give Us A Try. Thank You 
CEO  Eric Kyles

Someday we hope to have a donation page to send low income Families , Straight A students, Disabled Families, And that one person we know who does so much for everyone but can't afford vacation, This is my Goal.  100% of donations will go to this program. This is My Promise

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